Text Message Marketing and the Subscriber Contract

With open rates averaging 90%, text message marketing is quickly becoming the go-to solution for marketers and brands. Building segmented audiences of brand loyalists is key to the success of any marketing campaign. When a subscriber opts in and agrees to receive updates and offers from your organization they are agreeing to a contract. They are trusting that they can expect not to be spammed and that they are going to receive something of value in return for their loyalty. Below are some of the best practices and methods to recruit new customers, provide value, nurture the relationship and most importantly, keep them from opting out.

The Velvet Rope
Make sure that the reward for subscribing is of value and compelling. The offering should exceed your typical discount, sale or coupon promotion. Remember, you are establishing a valuable, one on one relationship with the customer that could last for years to come. They should be recognized by name and be treated as a VIP with personalized service based on their preferences.

All Aboard
Subscribers can be easily onboarded by scanning an image with a QR code with their smartphone or by texting a keyword to a phone number. They simply reply yes or no. The TCPA compliance docs are stored on a secure server and the user is subscribed to an audience segment

Getting Played
Use gamification to engage subscribers with contests and prizes. Create a text trivia game. Make these promotions exclusive to your text marketing subscribers. Make them sharable to increase membership.

The Conversion Version
One method to get subscribers is to onboard them for transactional messaging. Typical transactional messages include appointment reminders, service reminders,package tracking, appointment openings, curbside pickup and waitlisting. Convert your customers to promotional messaging by making them an offer they can’t refuse.

Stop The Spam
Offset subscriber attrition by limiting the amount of message you are sending out weekly and monthly

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