Real Time Analytics

Easy To Use Dashboard

Delivered VIA Text Message

94% Open Rate

 VoiceNote Broadcasting


Real Time Analytics

Easy To Use Dashboard

Delivered VIA Text Message

94% Open Rate


Businesses, brands, influencers, organizations and campaigns looking to utilize innovative and effective mobile marketing tools to drive engagement and conversions.


A unique voice-message broadcasting promotion tool for publishers to send personalized, 30-second voice messages, directly to the phones of Subscribers. .Publishers call the  MegaPhone number and record a voicepic . A text alert is sent out to their subscribers phones that when tapped, opens a customized screen and streams the voicepic.


There is no app required, no login, and no username or password needed to publish your voicepic. Just call, enter a pin and talk. Your voicepic message is distributed to all your subscribers, whether it’s 1 or 1 million.


As subscribers have signed up to receive messages from their brands and businesses they follow, the call-to-action button on the voicepic display screen is a compelling tool to direct customers to act on what they have just heard and viewed. Call to action buttons like “BUY NOW” or “SUBSCRIBE” leads to pre-qualified customers who are ready to buy.

What are MegaPhone AI VoicePics?

VoicePics are broadcast tools where rich media enriched voice message alerts are delivered via text to subscriber's cellphones.  Publishers can send an update to all their customers, students, residents, supporters etc. cell phones via the publisher dashboard or, by simply placing a call. No app, no website username and login required, VoicePics are an easy to use utility or marketing tool for any business, of any size.

How can my business benefit from a VoicePic campaign?

VoicePics are a great way for marketers to deliver promotional messaging like contests, coupons, limited time offers and virtually any other sales-related content. 

VoicePics are also an effective means of communication allowing non-marketing publishers to share important and time sensitive updates. For example, a school might publish an update regarding campus closures or social events.


Is there an App needed to publish VoicePics?

The answer is a resounding NO! There is no app, website, social network, or email required to publish VoicePics! 

What is a MegaPhone AI Channel?

 A MegaPhone AI channel is a platform that publishers use to create and send customized VoicePics. One channel allows publishers to reach multiple audiences through segmented campaigns.

What is the difference between a VoicePic and SMS Text Messaging?

SMS text messages are limited to 120 typed letters. VoicePics are personalized, rich media enhanced campaigns that are delivered to subscriber's phones via SMS notification. When a subscriber taps on the alert, a window opens with a full-width image, branded logo, media player and a call-to-action button.

How do my customers sign up to my publisher channel?

We provide each publisher with signup tools that make it easy for users to opt-in for your campaigns.

1.) A unique QR code that be displayed on signs, stickers or menus or shared through a website, email campaign or other advertising vehicles.

2.) A digital signup form that can be displayed on your website and social media channels.

3.) A unique phone number that users can text a keyword to subscribe


Is this a Robocall product?

No. Robocalls are automatically generated, pre-recorded calls. With VoicePics no unwanted calls made to subscribers. Rich media messages are delivered via text message. Alerts will say something like "Megaphone update from XYZ Company. " Subscribers click on the link and listen to the update.


What are the "Open Rates" for text messages?

 Up to 94% of all text messages are opened. As opposed to 20% of emails. SMS also text messages have a 45% response rates compared to just 6% with email.  Your marketing, campaign and announcement messages will have an incredible conversion rate.  


How many subscribers can I have?

There are no limits to the number of subscribers you can have. If you have a large influencer subscriber base, contact us @ for a custom price. 

How long does it take to get set up?

Once your campaign is approved by the Campaign Service Registry channels take up to 48 hours to propagate.     

What kind of businesses can benefit from MegaPhone?

 Nearly all businesses and institutions can benefit from VoicePic campaigns. For a sample of VoicePic use cases go here 

What happens if I go over my plan limit?
The system will stop sending messages when you've reached your plan limit. You will be notified by email that in order to send additional messages you will need to upgrade your plan or purchase additional credits. 
How do subscribers opt out?

 By simply replying STOP to the text message the subscriber will be opted out from receiving any future messages from your campaign. 

Whats the difference between transactional and promotional VoicePics?

Transactional SMS or VoiceNotes are messages that are used for sending orders, booking alerts and informational messages to registered customers. Promotional SMS or VoicePics are used for sending marketing and sales messages. They are delivered only to opt-in and non-DND numbers. 

Why are VoiceNotes limited to 30 secs?

The 30 second voicenote keeps the messages short and to the point. Less fluff, more value. 

What is a CTA (Call To Action) Button?

A CTA button guides the subscriber to take a certain action like "Buy Now", "Donate", "Reserve Now" or "Vote". You provide the link and the desired button color and action.

I'm a Publisher, If I make a mistake recording my update on my phone, how do I re-record it?

If you are using your phone to publish the message as opposed to uploading a pre-recorded message, you will not be able to review your VoicePic prior to publishing. Best practices suggest you review your VoicePic and recording prior to publishing to your subscribers. We are working on improving the dial-in process.



I'm a Publisher / Broadcaster, how do I request a new PIN number?

To request a PIN just complete this form.

What is the cost?

Pricing plans for all of our products are viewable here 

I'm a Publisher / Broadcaster, how do I access my dashboard?

To access and edit your Broadcaster Channel go here 

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